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I have a really good nose! Sure, there's various dead-animal location technology, such as FLIR heat-detection devices that can detect decaying bodies (which are warmer) or corpse-sniffing dogs, but these things aren't always helpful. A lot of animals die in attics, where a dog doesn't help, or ductwork or other places where you can't see heat. The best technology is my nose and my experience! My nose is so good that I can usually detect the species of animal just by the smell! I know animal behavior and architecture so well that I have an excellent instinct about where the carcass lies.

A dead animal inside your house can increase the presence of hide beetles and bottle flies all over your home. Additionally, it can also attract the attention of scavengers. There are so many risks associated with the body of the expired animal that it requires immediate removal and disposal. We know how these problems can occur during the time you least expect. To address your needs, we offer our services 24/7. You can call us even during off-business hours, and our agent will help you find the most convenient schedule for you. We will even work during weekends and national holidays to ensure that you will remain safe from the threats and risks related to a dead animal. With over ten years of experience, our people have gained the skills and knowledge to determine the source of the issue. We will use the least invasive method to extract the carcass even from the narrow spaces of your house. We will crawl through or under the inconspicuous area of your home to retrieve the dead body. If cutting through your wall is unavoidable, we promise that we will repair it and make it look pristine and aesthetically-pleasing just like before. Your problem will be our problem; trust that we will find the most effective and affordable solution.